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748 TDLBL Snow Leopard
748 TDLBL Snow Leopard
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124 TDLS Arinya Kangaroo
124 TDLS Arinya Kangaroo
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1002 BLT Death Rider
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Company Overview

Planet Earth Churinga Designs was first established in 1986 by Stephen Kamphuis and Mark Mc Carthy in Sydney Australia.
Over the last 20 years we have become one of the Worlds leading T-shirt manufacturers in unique wearable art apparel. Planet Earth garments and designs are recognized as some of the most innovative products in the market place.
We pride ourselves on creating T-shirts that can be enjoyed and worn by the whole family.

Planet Earth Designs is an award winning maker of 100% cotton printed t-shirts. We use special hand dyeing and screen-printing techniques to make each T-shirt a “One-of-a-kind piece of wearable art”.

Awards: Planet Earth have won several awards for design and silk screening, such as the Australian Screen-Printing Award and the FX designs Award for best design and printing.

Product Ranges:  All our products can be made for kids, adults or teenagers

- T- shirts, ladies fitted Lycra tops, Kids T-shirts, fitted men’s T-shirts
- Dresses   
- Long sleeve shirts
- Sweat shirts and hooded sweat shirts
- Bed sheets

Design Ranges

Churinga Designs, unique designs inspired and created by the Worlds oldest living culture the Australian Aborigines.
Churinga Designs where the first company to integrate Aboriginal Artwork with Tie-dye T-shirts creating distinctive garments that blend the artwork with the dye effects of the apparel. They have gained the attention and interest far beyond Australia, the artwork of Churinga has inspired and intensified the study and output of Aboriginal Artwork.

Planet Earth  range draws it inspiration from some of the magnificent species that share our planet. The Planet Earth range covers both Marine and Wildlife. The shirts also integrate the design with the tie-dye effect to insure that the greatest impact can be made for the design and the shirt.  

Earth Child: "Love Conquers All". This range encompasses some concepts from both Planet Earth and Churinga Designs and includes some specially created designs on Ladies Lycra tops and singlet, dresses and fitted T-shirts.

Other Worlds: “No barrier or Frontier can be reached without imagination”.
These designs are inspired by folklore; imagination and the various cultures have inspired us.

Cross Face: Inspired by the way of the Busido and the Samurai.
T-shirts dedicated to the Martial Arts Culture.

Customized Designs

- We understand that our customer’s needs may be different in each market place so we work closely with each of our customers having the ability to create designs specific to their market and requirements

“Our goal is to create innovative designs that everybody can enjoy”.
We believe that even the smallest environmental contribution can help to sustain the health of our Planet. We endeavor to use only environmentally sensitive dyeing and printing techniques and packaging. We use unbleached cotton or 100 % cotton products wherever possible and  all of our packaging is made from recycled material.  We have policy of constantly reviewing the environmental impact of our production processes.

Planet Earth Design t-shirts can be found in selected stores, boutiques and tourist attractions throughout Australia. We export to several countries including Germany, Benelux, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan and New Zealand.

We have chosen to support the RPN Flora and Fauna who are actively involved in environmental and animal welfare protection. (

Our products can be purchased from our agents in these countries or directly from us here.

Contact details below:
Contact Ressie Navarro or Stephen Kamphuis
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More Info

Planet Earth and Churinga Designs are inspired by the magnificent Marine and Wildlife with whom we share this Planet. We strive to create designs and concepts that bring out the essence of nature and the creativity of the Aboriginal culture. Our environmental conscience extends to our products as we endeavor to use only materials and dyes stuffs that adhere to our living green philosophy.

Planet Earth has taken special interest in sponsoring and promoting others who share this passion.
Please also visit We hope you enjoy your visit.